K4OZY's Collins Repository


NOS Mica Capacitors: Use or Not?

Gaylord Hart's account of his testing of NOS "domino" capacitors.

Collins R-627/URC-8 Receiver

Please give me a hand digging up information on a most unusual Collins receiver, the R-627/URC-8

Collins 30K Transmitters

At this point, 2 30K-1's and a 30K-2 have followed me home. Click here to take a tour

Collins R-388 / 51J-(x) Receivers

Collins 30J-Series Transmitters

Thanks much to Rod Perala for sharing these docs!

30K-1 Transmitter

30K-2 Transmitter

30K-5 Transmitter

310B Exciters

310C Exciters

32RA Transmitters

32V Transmitters

75A Receivers

S-Line Equipment

The document "Discussion of Collins Developed Noise Blankers.." was kindly provided to me by Tom Anderson WW5L. Unfortunately it has no author or date. The copy I received wasn't that great, so I typed it up as an HTML and added the block diagram of the 136B in the appropriate place.

62S-1 VHF Converter

651S-1 Information

These service bulletins kindly provided by Marvin Moss:

Collins Mechanical Filter Catalog

Collins Quality Standards Manual

This manual was used internally at Collins Radio to specify the standards of workmanship to be used in their equipment. It contains all sorts of useful information including, but by no means limited to:

The following 2-part scan includes pages 22/23, which were irritatingly missing from my eariler scan. Sorry about that!